The LOD SPARQL endpoint can be deployed on your server following this documentation.

Download RDF data

Create a new directory and download the nquads from the website.

mkdir nquads && cd nquads
wget -p -r --reject="*.html*,*.txt*,*.tmp*" -nH -nd

Host the LOD endpoint with docker

docker pull askomics/virtuoso:
  • Run a docker container and mount the directory containing the .nq.gz files into the container ToLoad directory (replace /path/to/nquads with the real path).
docker run -d --name virtuoso-lod -p 8890:8890 -v /path/to/nquads:/usr/local/virtuoso-opensource/var/lib/virtuoso/db/toLoad askomics/virtuoso:

Virtuoso will load all nquads files and expose the SPARQL endpoint at localhost:8890/sparql.