Regulatory circuits LOD

Regulatory Circuits is a resource of 394 tissue-specific gene regulatory networks for human. We propose here a RDF version of this resource, input data, pipeline and results, queryable through the SPARQL endpoint.

SPARQL » RDF files »

We give example of queries in the GitHub repository associated to the project.

RDF dataset can be downloaded and the endpoint can be hosted on your server.

In a preliminary work, we integrated the samples data into a RDF triplestore and showed that two SPARQL queries could generate the corresponding networks:

Louarn, M., Chatonnet, F., Garnier, X., Fest, T., Siegel, A., Dameron, O.: Increas-ing life science resources re-usability using semantic web technologies. In: Proceed-ings of the 15th IEEE International eScience conference, San Diego (2019)

The paper associated with is resource is currently under review:

Louarn, M., Chatonnet, F., Garnier, X., Fest, T., Siegel, A., Faron, C., Dameron O. : Increasing Life Science Studies’ Data, Pipeline and Results Reusability Using Semantic Web Technologies: the Regulatory Circuits Case Study IN REVIEW for ISWC (2020)

We acknowledge the GenOuest bioinformatics core facility for providing the computing infrastructure. And the research teams of the authors of this project Dyliss team, Mic-Mac, Sparks and Wimmics.

The RDF version of the dataset is under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence.